Our Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibility Approach

As a responsible company conscious about efficient corporate citizenship, MR, is not only aiming to create value for its founders and lenders with the projects it provides executive consultancy services but also to all its stakeholders and community at large.

Being aware that acting with a corporate social responsibility approach is an indispensable element of sustainable development in the 21st century, MR acts wholly consistently with the laws, general ethical codes and human rights while conducting its business operations. Occupational health and safety is perceived as a top priority, the procedures and applications in these matters are closely controlled and audited. MR targets to diminish the environmental side effects of its actions to a minimal level. At the same time, it aims to contribute to the economy and social life of the communities in the areas it operates.

Occupational Health And Safety

As an executive consultancy company, MR is responsible for closely supervising and monitoring its contractors in developing effective programs about occupational health & safety (HSE) and continuously improving their procedures both during the construction and management periods. Following up the provision of all conditions and assessing the competency levels of employees on a regular basis through continuous training and implementation processes are also among the top priorities of MR.

MR also gives high importance to ensuring the social standards and suitable working conditions for all the employees working in its projects with the objective of achieving sustainability in HSE, both towards its founders, Lenders and the society in general.

Environmental Responsibility

As a company respecting the nature, MR aims to diminish the environmental side effects and probable complications to a minimum level in its all projects.  While adopting a sustainable development vision, ensuring that environmental responsibility is a part of the corporate culture and it is internalized by all of its employees is a priority target for MR.

MR holds the responsibility of ensuring that its contractors are analyzing the possible environmental implications in advance, taking necessary preventive precautions, and making their employees involved in the process conscious about the environment. Observing and supervising the compliance with internationally accepted legislations and standards on a regular basis, and minimizing the waste through enhancing energy efficiency are among the responsibilities of MR. Analyzing and auditing the sustainability performance, following up whether the contractors constructing and managing the Project have developed and executed necessary corporate standards and policies are also the subjects that MR closely keeps abreast of.

Moreover, different projects are developed and applied in MR in order to create and strengthen awareness about environment among its employees.

Business Ethic Codes

MR believes that business should be done in line with ethical codes in order to achieve long-term success and thus has been conducting its activities accordingly. The objective of MR Ethics Policy is to ensure that ethics culture is embraced within the company, determine the ethical rules that employees should act accordingly while fulfilling their duties, and help them in behaving in line. In addition, MR guides its employees to act in accordance with ethical values both towards the other employees within the company and 3rd parties by eliminating all situations that harm the principles of justice, honesty, transparency, neutrality and non-confidence.