About MR

MR; is a global company found by the partnership of Meridiam Infrastructure and Rönesans Healthcare Investment at the end of 2014 to provide executive consultancy services to Turkey’s most reputable PPP – Public Private Partnership projects.

Public Private Partnership projects

With this model, it is aimed that some healthcare organizations, which cannot be established by the public funding in the short term will be constructed and financed by private sector, and they will be furnished with the necessary equipment determined in the tender and after that the public costs of these investments will spread to the long term with the hires to be paid against 25 years of operating by the Public Private Partnership – PPP model. By means of these projects to be constructed with the Public Private Partnership model it is also aimed that the opportunity of high quality health care service will be provided for people who live in the cities and around lack of health facilities.


is the first and only executive consultancy company in Turkey that brings the PPP model coherent and in line with international standards to health sector.